The Mighty Boosh: Jurgen Haabermaaster’s Danish avant-garde meisterwerk, The Doctor and Pencil.

Dreams That Money Can Buy (Hans Richter, 1947)

Surrealist painter and Dada film-theorist Hans Richter wrote, produced, and directed the experimental exercise Dreams That Money Can Buy, one of the most significant contributions to the 20th-century “avant garde” movement. The project began in 1944, while Richter was director of the Institute of Film Techniques at City College in New York. Combining short scenarios written by such world-renowned artists as Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamps, Man Ray, Alexander Calder and Fernand Leger, Richter came up with a full-color, feature-length study in dreamlike “wish fulfillment.” The film’s only nod to continuity is the presence of a self-styled heavenly psychiatrist, whose patients purportedly visualize the images which play across the screen.

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“Song to the Siren” (performed by This Mortal Coil), scene from David Lynch’s Lost Highway (1997) [NSFW, surely].

Dream sequence from Et mourir de plaisir / Blood and Roses (Roger Vadim, 1960)

John Waters - ‘No Smoking’