“All writing is filth.” — Antonin Artaud, The Theatre and Its Double

“In our present state of degeneration it is through the skin that metaphysics must be made to re-enter our minds.” —  Antonin Artaud, The Theater and Its Double

“The Theatre which is in no thing, but makes use of everything – gestures, sounds, words, screams, light, darkness – rediscovers itself at precisely the point where the mind requires a language to express its manifestations. To break through language in order to touch life is to create or recreate the theatre.” — Antonin Artaud, The Theatre and its Double 

“Violent, concentrated action is like lyricism; it calls forth supernatural imagery, a bloodshed of images, a bloody spurt of images inside the poet’s head as well as in the audience’s.” — Antonin Artaud, The Theatre and Its Double (via cendrars)