“There is horror in being: this horror is repugnant animality; this does not repel me, on the contrary, I thirst for it; far from escaping, I may resolutely quench my thirst with this horror … for this I have filthy words at my disposal, words that sharpen the feeling I have of touching on the intolerable secret of being … at this moment I no longer doubt that I am embracing the totality without which I was only outside: I reach orgasm.” — 

Georges Bataille, The Accursed Share, translation by Rowan G. Tepper

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“The object of sensual desire is by nature another desire. The desire of the senses is the desire, if not to destroy oneself, at least to be consumed and to lose oneself without reservation.” — 

Georges Bataille, The Object of Desire and the Totality of the Real from The Accursed Share

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“If our desire had not had so much difficulty overcoming our undeniable repugnance we would not have thought it so strong, we would not have seen in its object that which was capable of inciting desire to such a degree.” — Georges Bataille, The Accursed Share

“[E]very horror conceals a possibility of enticement.” — Georges Bataille, The Accursed Share

“One day this living world will pullulate in my dead mouth.” — 

Georges Bataille - The Accursed Share: Vol. 2

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