Bang Bang ‐ Dalida

Dalida - Bang Bang

Playground Love ‐ Air


Air - Playground Love

This Magic Moment ‐ Lou Reed


Lou Reed - This Magic Moment (from Lost Highway soundtrack)


Barbara McNair - Venus in Furs (from the film by Jess Franco)

R.I.P. Jess Franco

Cat People (Putting Out Fire) ‐ David Bowie

David Bowie - Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

This Magic Moment ‐ Lou Reed

Lou Reed - This Magic Moment (from Lost Highway soundtrack)


Jaromil Jireš, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

“Not since The Wicker Man has a soundtrack occupied my mind like Valerie and her Week of Wonders. It was like a door had been opened in my subconscious and fragments of memories and dreams rejoiced right there in my living room. I became very possessive over my copied version, a VHS to cassette copy which hissed like it had been captured from another world. I would surprise friends with snippets of the theme, it never failed to get a curious “Who’s this?” I was continually asked to make a copies but I had no intentions of making copies for anyone. The ritual chanting, the sections of catholic mass, the Czech hymns were mine, the cogs sequence, the acoustic love song, the room of cogs all mine.”

Trish Keenan, Broadcast

Trish Keenan of Broadcast died one year ago today. Treat yourself to her favourite film.

Dalida - Bang Bang

From soundtrack for Xavier Dolan’s Les amours imaginaires / Heartbeats (2010)


Bernard Herrmann - Main Titles (via Sisters: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

“I launched into an eager ten minute explanation of why I didn’t want any title music…After I finished, Herrmann exploded.

‘No title music? Nothing horrible happens in your picture for the first half hour. You need something to scare them right away. The way you do it, they’ll walk out.’

‘But, in Psycho the murder doesn’t happen until 40…’

‘You are not Hitchcock! He can make his movies as slow as he wants in the beginning! And do you know why?’

I shook my head.

‘Because he is Hitchcock and they will wait! They know something terrible is going to happen and they’ll wait until it does. They’ll watch your movie for ten minutes and then they’ll go home to their television.’

Herrmann was brutal, and, of course, right.”

-Brian De Palma, quoted in A Heart at Fire’s Center: The Life and Music of Bernard Herrmann 

kirgiakos, fakefuneral:

Goblin - Suspiria (Main Title)

Floating ‐ Julee Cruise


Julee Cruise, Floating
(Floating into the Night, 1989)

“When you told your secret name, I burst in flame.”

Buy Floating into the Night. More Julee Cruise. More Lynch. More Badalamenti.


Trio in E Flat Op. 100, Franz Schubert
(The Hunger: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Blue Velvet ‐ Bobby Vinton


Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet (1963)

Q. Did Bobby Vinton’s version of the song ‘Blue Velvet’ inspire the movie?

David Lynch: It was the song that sparked the movie! Bernie Wayne [& Lee Moris] wrote that song in the early 50s….Bobby Vinton’s version was the first one I ever heard. I don’t know what it was about that song, because it wasn’t the kind of music that I really liked. But there was something mysterious about it.

It made me think about things. And the first things I thought about were lawns - lawns and the neighborhood. It’s twilight - with maybe a streetlight on, let’s say, so a lot of it is in shadow. And in the foreground is part of a car door, or just a suggestion of a car, because it’s too dark to see clearly. But in the car is a girl with red lips. And it was these red lips, blue velvet and those green-black lawns of a neighborhood that started it.”

-excerpted from Lynch on Lynch

The Nightmare ‐ Bernard Herrmann


Bernard Herrmann - The Nightmare (via Vertigo: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)