“Looks like George A Romero might take a break from zombies in the near future: Variety reports that the horror icon is looking to tackle a remake of Dario Argento’s Deep Red. And not just that, but he wants to make the new version in… (dun… dun… duuuur!) 3D.”

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My first instinct is to squee when I remember how Argento and Romero and BFF’s and now that they’re both old they’re adorable old man BFFs! Adorable!

Oh dear - now I’m envisaging them going bowling together and reminiscing in croaky grandpa nostalgia voices about the progression of fake blood on the giallo continuum (between bouts of bitching about their prostate medication). I approve far more of that special friendship than the apparent nutbag BFF pairing of Jodorowsky and Lynch.  

But I do hope they’ve forgotten about Deep Red: The Musical. So many shades of wrong.